About us

 I’ve been thinking for a week now how to introduce myself and share my story. Sometimes it’s difficult to put into words and say exactly how you feel and to articulate precisely your thoughts.

I am grateful that I get the opportunity to become the new owner of Statement Boutique and I want to honor Chelsea in what she’s created. Statement has been successful because of the atmosphere, there’s a feeling of warmth and love as soon as you walk in the door. My hope is that everyone who walks in will continue to have that same experience.

For those who may not know me, my name is Kim Mason. I’ve worked at Statement for over a year now. I’ve loved every second of being a part of this amazing company.

My story with Statement actually started 2 yrs ago when my world was turned upside down. After 2 weeks of my husband battling Covid, he passed away. Leaving me and our two children to figure out life without him.
I had been a stay home mom for over 20yrs and after my husband passed away I knew it was time for me to find a job.
As I began to navigate this new life and find our “new normal” I found myself not wanting to be home much and so I would frequent all the shops at Harmony Crest Point.
When I would walk into Statement I found the warm and loving environment healing and when they posted they were hiring I knew I had to reach out. And as the saying goes…the rest is history. (There’s a lot more details I could share but I’ll spare you every detail lol)

Looking back over these last two years I see how God was orchestrating my steps and as I surrendered to Him and letting Him be all I needed, He has and continues to sustain me and give me a peace that passes all understanding. My story is still being written and He truly turns beauty from ashes. Back in the spring God blessed me with a new husband who has been my rock, he believes in me and has given me the confidence to take a chance and he’s my biggest supporter of this new venture.

I received a message from a sweet friend when she heard the news of me becoming the new owner of Statement. She knew this new venture is a huge step of faith for me and with that comes a certain level of fear but I needed to remember how God has brought me through so much. Her words were so encouraging that I want to share it with you because this might be an area in your life you need to step out and believe God’s got you.
“Our journey of learning to trust Him more opens the door to trust Him.”

I am extremely honored that I get the opportunity to continue what Chelsea has created and what she has established and for Statement to be a place that this community loves to support. 🩷

Kim Mason